Best Game of Thrones Tour Ever

Get ready to fall in love with the capital of the 7 Kingdoms! Your Game of Thrones adventure will begin at the Ploče Gate, where Cercei’s ordeal came to an end and your journey has only just begun... We shall take Cercei’s path of shame and walk along St. Dominic Street. Step by step we’ll walk in Cercei’s footsteps to the Jesuit steps where her infamous nude walk of shame was filmed in Season 5. As we walk, we’ll see the Rector’s Palace, which is where Daenerys asked the Spice King for ships to go to Westeros. This is one of the few scenes that were filmed with fan favourite Daenerys in Dubrovnik and you will have the opportunity to see the location with us! The Jesuit Steps are a baroque staircase that lead up to the stunning Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola and this is where Cercei’s walk began. The local authorities initially blocked the shooting of the scene on the grounds that it was indecent but later gave the producers the go ahead. Next, we’ll take a quick detour to visit a quirky souvenir shop where you can sit in an Iron Throne replica and get some great shots to show the grandkids! Our walk will take us back to Pile Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old Town. Many scenes were filmed here, from seasons 2 to 5. First we’ll show you where Joffrey was attacked by his own people, where Sansa tried to escape and where Jamie returned to King’s Landing. We'll visit the small park beneath the bridge and your guide will hook you up with insider stories about what the cast and crew get up to while they’re in town! Then we’ll take a slow walk to the port of King’s Landing, where Sansa watched the ships pass by, dreaming about her escape. Again you’ll see first hand the technical wizardry that HBO applied in the show to create its dream (or nightmare) like landscape and what Dubrovnik actually looks alike. Our last stop involves a short climb to Fort Lovrijenac, a magnificent 16th century fort that you will know as the Red Keep, which features prominently on the show. You will be amazed by the technology that HBO uses to create the Red Keep, it is truly astonishing! The fort itself has a fascinating history that is almost as good as a Game of Thrones storyline, offering spectacular views of the city and the rocky coastline. We’ll spend some time here, walking around, taking photos and doing our best King Joffrey impressions. Our tour ends here but before you go, don’t forget to tap up your guide for all the latest goings on in the city plus restaurant recommendations too. And remember, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die” or in our case, you have the Best. Day. Ever! Please note: this tour involves about 2km of walking, which can be strenuous during the summer months when the sun is strong. Please ensure you bring comfortable clothing that will shield you form the sun and comfortable shoes too. Language English Redeem informationVoucher type: PrintedPrinted Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity.LocationStart point: Ploče gate - Dubrovnik - HREastern entrance/gate to the old town of Dubrovnik, the stone bench near the taxi stand at the beginning of the bridge.End point: Pile down by steps to Fort of Lovrijenac.ScheduleOpening dates15:00 - 17:00Duration: 2 HoursGuide optionsGuide type: Guide

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