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Experience the rich flavours and sweet aromas of a traditional Turkish meal as you take your place at the spectacular Del Mare restaurant to feast on the very best local specialities on offer. Overlooking the breathtaking views of the Bosphorous, this renowned seafood restaurant is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in what was once an elephant barn but has since been converted into one of the city’s premier eateries. Take your pick from four delicious set menus, each featuring an aperitif, hot and cold starters, a salad, a main course and a dessert, along with tea and coffee and unlimited local beer, wine and raki throughout your meal. With Menu 1 you will enjoy a delicious range of local starters including marinated mackerel, fried calamari, feta cheese and shrimps in butter. Then tuck into the chef’s trademark salad and a mouthwatering grilled sea bass for your main course. A special dessert with ice cream and your choice of hot drink completes the menu. With Menu 2 enjoy the finest seafood started including smoked salmon salad, roasted fish and fish ravioli. A seasonal salad accompanies the grilled sea bass main course and a mixed Turkish dessert plate rounds off the menu with quince, pumpkin and syrup. Choose Menu 3 and you will sample broad beans, a seafood salad and pastries filled with seafood to start, a seasonal salad and a delicious oven-baked sea bass with a creamy spinach sauce as the main. A special Turkish dessert with syrup along with a cup of tea or coffee rounds off the meal. With Menu 4 you will taste the most traditional Turkish dishes such as baba ghanoush of aubergines, Turkish-style steak tartar and local cheese pita amongst the many delicious starters. A variety of chicken and meat shish and adana kebabs form the main course followed by kadayif for dessert. The table has been set and all that’s missing is for you to take your place at Del Mare to feast on a traditional Turkish dinner. This renowned seafood restaurant in Cengelkoy boasts a stunning setting overlooking the Bosphorus. There are four set menus to choose from and unlimited local beverages to imbibe.Del Mare is located in a building dating from 1800, when it served as an elephant

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