Local Secret of Bratislava

Forget about generic Bratislava city tours that only go as far as the Old Town, and instead experience the city the way locals live it. Sure, this tour starts in the Old Town, but your guides grew up in Bratislava and want to show you what most tourists don’t see: local pubs, street art, and crowd-free viewpoints. You’ll also eat and drink some beloved local tastes, so there’s that too. This not-so-typical Bratislava city tour kicks off in the heart of the Old Town, right by the main square, with a traditional Slovak welcome: bread with salt and a small shot of Borovička, a local spirit. We’re not messing around! We’ll then take a bit of time to explore the best bits of the Old Town. We’ll take a narrow local street up to the Michalská brána tower, which houses a museum of historical weapons and city fortification. It’s also home to a rather epic 360-degree view of the old part of Bratislava. From there, we’ll navigate further into the Old Town, checking out its most historic buildings and its most important Gothic monument. In amongst the history we’ll stop for a modern taste: locally brewed PUNK beer. In the pub you’ll get to chat more with your guide and learn about their life in Bratislava. As tempting as it may be to stay at the pub all afternoon, there’s plenty more to see! Your Bratislava city tour continues through one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city, which is (appropriately) home to one of the city’s oldest ruins: Esterházy Palace. From there, it’s off to the tranquil atmosphere of St. Martin’s Cathedral, followed in contrast by one of the most controversial squares in Bratislava, where a Jewish synagogue used to stand (we’ll fill you in on the controversy when you’re there). From the square you’ll be able to spot our next top in the distance: Bratislava Castle. A busy freeway will separate you from the castle, but don’t worry, it won’t stand in our way; we’ll just walk underneath it! Below the freeway lies a graffiti-laden bus depot, which we’ll head through on our mission to the castle. The rest of the way to the castle will be filled with opportunities to take some really cool photos of the city, as we’ll pass through some rather picturesque locations. One viewpoint is so picture-perfect that we’ll stop there for a picnic with a view. Sample local sausages, cheese, and a homemade biscuit-type pastry called pagáče – you can’t get any more local than this! Next up: Bratislava Castle. We’ll stop in the main square for a classic photo op, check out the yard, and then head for the trolley — there’s only so much to see at the castle, let’s be honest. Hop on the trolley — how locals get around Bratislava — en route to Horský Park, a beautiful wooded area and favourite spot for locals to go for a wander. Right next door is a hidden monument from WWI, tucked away in a district of the city popular with diplomats and moneymakers. Opposite the monument is Slavin, the most prominent reminder of WWII in Bratislava. It’s a spot for thought, offering beautiful vistas of every side of the city. Here, we’ll give you a final cultural lesson — in azbuka (you’ll have to join the tour to figure out what that one is) — before heading to the end. Literally. To end your Bratislava city tour, we’re taking you to a pub whose name means funeral. But don’t worry, this hyper-local pub only signifies the end of the tour, where you’ll enjoy a local beverage, mingle with your new friends, and set the tone for the rest of your evening in Bratislava. Language English Redeem informationVoucher type: PrintedPrinted Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity.LocationStart point: Mirbach PalaceEnd point: Prokopa 1, Bratislava.ScheduleOpening dates14:00 - 18:00Duration: 4 HoursGuide optionsGuide type: Guide

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