Tour a Chichen Itza y Tour a Uxmal-Kabah 2 Dias

Take a set into a time warp with this one of a kind tour to visit the breath-taking Mayan pyramids. The facades of these extraordinary constructions are more than 1553 years old and thus are simply brimming with history and stories of forlorn cultures to tell. The name of Chichen Itza derives from the Mayan words “chi” (mouth), “chen” (well) and “itza” (the name of the town in this region), whereby translated it would be something like the Mouth of the Well of Itza. To get there, you will first embark on a relaxing two and a half hour long journey from Merida. However, despite the distance, the ride will feel surprisingly short thanks to the simply stunning landscapes that you will be able to admire gliding by your window. Once you arrive at your outstanding destination, prepare to explore all of the hidden secrets that this site holds in store. The area is divided into three different groups: the north group, known as Net Tolteca; the central croup, dating back to the earliest period of the site’s history; and finally the area known as Viejo Chichen (“Old Chichen”). The capital of the Mayan empire is the largest and most impressive astronomical Mayan centre. Although located only at 120 kilometres from Merida, you will feel as if you have travelled to another age as you contemplate the castle, temple of the warriors, group of the thousand columns and the sacred sacrificial water well. Second Day Learn all there is to learn about Uxmal, one of the most impressive Mayan ceremonial centres. In this magical site, all buildings are magnificently carved and decorated. You will feel as if you are walking through the set of some fantasy or adventure movie. Join this trip and step into a time warp as you are invited to travel many centuries into the past of this fascinating region. After being whisked from your hotel you will be driven back in time through the centuries. Along the way, lose yourself in the contemplation of the simply beautiful landscapes that will solemnly roll by your window. After the relaxing ride, step into this valley of splendour and head off to explore the amazing sites miraculously preserved by time and fortune. Set eyes upon the pyramid of the magician, the quadrangle of the nuns and the splendid Governor’s palace. You will soon realise why Uxmal is easily considered by so many to be one of the most beautiful pre-Hispanic archaeological sites on the South American continent. This is due mostly to the staggering proportions of its majestic constructions and the marvellously fine reliefs that decorate the walls with a precision and elegance that astonish us even today. You will also enjoy a guided visit to the Mayan site of the Kabah, located near Uxmal and belonging to the Puuc route. There you will see the temple containing the 250 ancient Chaac masks. All in all, a real blast from the past. Redeem informationVoucher type: PrintedPrinted Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity.LocationStart point: Hotel pickupEnd point: Same as the starting pointScheduleOpening datesMonday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 09:00 - 20:00Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 09:00 - 20:00Duration: 2 DaysGuide optionsGuide type: Guide

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