Beachcomber Stars in Paradis Gourmet Festival

Beachcomber “Stars in Paradis” Gourmet Festival

We are pleased to communicate to you details of the forthcoming Stars in Paradis Gourmet Festival.

The 'Stars in Paradis' festival will be held from 2 January to 10 March 2020 at the foot of Le Morne mountain in Mauritius. It was developed by Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels alongside Italian chefs Enrico and Roberto Cerea; in partnership with Alitalia, Alpitour World and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority; and with the invaluable support of Da Vittorio restaurant.


Over seven weeks, seven French and Italian star chefs will take over the kitchens of the Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber. The event represents a unique encounter between Italian, Mediterranean and French culinary traditions and Mauritian flavours.


The festival is an opportunity for the Mauritian hotel group to draw attention to the importance that gourmet cuisine is given in its hotels. It also speaks to the group’s focus on quality products, an excellent and varied culinary offer, and other related services since 1952. For the past 67 years, Beachcomber has made every effort to offer guests outstanding gastronomic experiences, characterised by an infinite attention to detail and made possible by the extraordinary know-how of local and international chefs.


Over seven gourmet and refined weeks, Jean Christophe Basseau and Guillaume Bregeat – Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber’s executive chefs – and the kitchen brigades from the hotels’ restaurants will work hand in hand with renowned chefs and benefit from their multi-cultural experience:


The “Stars in Paradis” Chefs


ENRICO CEREA – Da Vittorio (Brusaporto / Bergamo / Italy) – 3 Michelin stars

02 to 07 January 2020


Enrico Cerea is the head of family restaurant Da Vittorio. Since 2009, this Italian chef has passed on his love of gastronomy to his brother Roberto, with whom he won his third Michelin star.  Enrico Cerea co-created the “Stars in Paradis” concept. He offers traditional Lombard dishes – in which the Italian terroir takes pride of place – with an eastern twist. His cuisine is modern, inquisitive and open-minded.



MORENO CEDRONI – La Madonnina del Pescatore (Senigallia / Italy) – 2 Michelin stars

09 to 16 January 2020


Moreno Cedroni is an eclectic, daring and experimental chef. Armed with his two Michelin stars, he has subtly introduced an avant-garde spirit and sense of irony into Italian cuisine. An enfant terrible of transalpine and international cuisine, his innovative and artistic temperament led to the Wall Street Journal naming his restaurant one of the top 10 destinations for seafood in Europe. His detail-oriented work marries a deep sense of tradition with quality ingredients from all over the world. Moreno was notably recognised as the inventor of Italian sushi by the Norwegian Seafood Council in February 2018, and continues to pursue his unique take on gastronomy.



RONAN KERVARREC – La Table de Plaisance (Saint-Émilion / France) – 2 Michelin stars

23 to 30 January 2020


Ronan Kervarrec aims to communicate emotion with every plate. His cuisine draws on his memories of childhood and the Libourne region’s terroir. Building on the legacy of his father – who impression his passion, rigour, humility, and "desire to do things right" onto his son from a young age – the star chef continues to develop bold and unique recipes.  Combining technicality and creativity, Ronan preserves the purity of his flavours to create simple, generous and sculptural dishes. He also enjoys reinterpreting the classics by incorporating local traditions, the better to awaken taste buds and stimulate imaginations, and build on each dish’s unique history.



PHILIPPE MILLE – Le Parc (Reims / France) – 2 Michelin stars

30 January to 06 February 2020


Philippe Mille belongs to the new generation of ultra-talented French chefs. In the space of only a few years, the chef acquired substantial culinary experience at a range of prestigious addresses and five-star establishments. He has won accolades including the Bronze Medal at the Bocuse d'Or 2009 and was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011. Philippe Mille intends to continue his ascent by offering an ever-more technical cuisine inspired by his grandmother’s signature dishes. His gastronomy is a delicious blend of pleasure, generosity and a respectful use of seasonal products, resulting in a refined cuisine that focuses on the essentials.



ANTONELLA RICCI – Al Fornello da Ricci (Contrada Montevicoli / Brindisi / Italy) – 1 Michelin star

06 to 13 February 2020


A Mauritian native and one of Paul Bocuse’s former students, Antonella Ricci has a wealth of experience that allowed her to quickly take the reins of Al Fornello da Ricci. Working with her husband and partner Vinod, she brings her own traditions and experiences together with others from around the world. Her cuisine takes the form not only of traditional Italian dishes, but also of very popular offerings that subtly blend fresh Mauritian flavours with those of the generous Puglian terroir.



NINO DI COSTANZO – Danì House (Ischia / Italy) – 2 Michelin Stars

20 to 27 February 2020


Nino di Costanzo earned his stripes under the guidance of industry greats. Yet he quickly decided to return to his homeland in Ischia, to achieve his vision of a cuisine that reflects the places he loves. He seeks to demonstrate that the essence of a tradition can be revived with modern techniques and a dash of creativity.



LUCA MARCHINI – L’Erba del Re (Modena / Italy) – 1 Michelin star

27 February to 05 March 2020


Luca Marchini is a Tuscan chef who grew up in Modena. His vocation for experimental cooking has become his mantra and a reflection of his personal development.  When he originally opened L’Erba del Re in 2003, he wanted to use the space to illustrate his concept of cuisine; offering an in-depth experience in the form of gourmet fairy-tales that reflect his culinary abilities and are balanced, respectful and allow their raw ingredients to shine. He won his first Michelin star in 2008.



“Stars in Paradis” Chefs – Special Michelin Gourmet Dinner Dates


03 and 04 January 2020


Paradis Beachcomber – Blue Marlin


11 and 13 January 2020


Paradis Beachcomber – Blue Marlin


25 and 27 January 2020


Dinarobin Beachcomber - Umami

*same menu for both dates


01 and 03 February 2020


Dinarobin Beachcomber - Umami

*same menu for both dates


08 and 10 February 2020


Paradis Beachcomber – Blue Marlin


22 and 24 February 2020


Paradis Beachcomber – Blue Marlin


29 February and 02 March 2020


Dinarobin Beachcomber - Umami


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