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Kenya Holidays

Kenya Holidays with Classic Resorts

Kenya is an enchanting land of vast open plains, mountains, lakes, and beautiful beaches lapped by warm crystal waters. This intoxicating country is home to such friendly people with a rich culture and some of the most stunning wildlife experiences on earth. It is a land that will change your perception of life forever. 

At the heart of the African Safari experience – You are pretty much guaranteed to have an encounter with each of the ‘Big 5’; Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant all focused on their daily battle for survival. Kenya is one of the original African safari destinations and even today the parks and reserves offer the archetypal African panoramic – wide open spaces, the flat-topped acacia trees and an abundance of game.

Kenya also plays host to what is considered the greatest show on earth, the Great Wildebeest Migration, when the vast herds of zebra and wildebeest pass through the Masai Mara.

You will also find the unmatched luxury tented camps with some of the most memorable views in the world, comfortable lodges or the old-fashioned mobile camping safari. Whether you want to experience bush life in an untamed corner of Africa, or linger on idyllic palm fringed white sandy beaches, all the attractions of Africa await.

  • The Masai Mara – The big one! Over 320 square kms with a huge variety and abundance of wildlife make this a ‘not to miss’ on any safari itinerary.
  •  The Great Rift Valley - One of the wonders of the world. The valley forms a wide trench (5400 miles long) down the length of Africa that is visible from the moon.
  •  Amboseli - Get your camera out! Lion, buffalo, herds of Elephants set against the stunning backdrop of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro
  •  The Serengeti - The Migration, one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, a heart-stopping shadow created by nearly 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle, no drought, gorge or crocodile infested river can hold them back.
  •  Lake Nakuru - A Soda Lake famous for it’s millions of pink flamingos and over 400 species of bird. It also houses both the endangered black & white Rhinos.
  •  Aberdares - With waterfalls, rainforests and rivers the scenery here is quite unique. Home to the famous Treetop lodge. It has been described as `Scotland with Lions`.
  •  Samburu - North of Nairobi in the hot, arid fringes of the vast northern region of Kenya, the lands of the Samburu people, close relatives of the Masai.
  •  Tsavo - Kenya`s largest safari destination and one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world! At 10 million square acres it is bigger than the island of Jamaica.

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