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A multi-cultural melting pot over the centuries, its Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and Hindu believers are all represented in a plethora of places of worship, tiered temples, proud pagodas, the slender towers of mosques and colonial church steeples all making their mark throughout the country. 

The Islands are bordered by some of the world's most beautiful beaches, the interior is blanketed by some of the oldest tropical rainforests and is home to some of the most unusual and entertaining wildlife, hornbills, monkeys, orangutans and flying foxes to mention a few.

 Malaysia is quite unique. The capital, Kuala Lumpur blends 21st century city life and modern skyscrapers with old-world Chinese shop-houses, markets and mosques with colonial architecture and Moorish buildings that look as if they have come straight out of the Arabian nights. The night markets are great fun and the shopping and cuisine is great.

The island of Penang is joined to the mainland by one of the world’s longest Bridges. Penang’s history goes back as far as early Indian civilisation to that of Portuguese, Dutch and later British. The tropical island of Langkawi remains unspoilt and offers white sand beaches, a lush mountainous interior and some stunning natural attractions.



 • Stunning, unspoilt, powder white beaches

 • Waterfalls, the Telaga Air Panas hot springs on Langkawi 

• Explore some of the world’s oldest Rain Forests 

• Virgin Jungle of Borneo transports you to ‘a lost world’ 

• Watch the enchanting orphaned Orang-utan’s 

• Incredibly varied cuisine catering for all palates 

• Excellent shopping in the local markets

 • Stay in some of the world’s finest hotels


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