The Maldives is situated on the equator, South West of Sri Lanka and comprises of over 1,100 islands forming 26 major atolls. 87 of these Islands are exclusive island resorts and just over 200 are inhabited.

As the Maldives are located on the equator, the average temperature rarely drops below 27o C with an average maximum of 32o C in the warmest months.

 Cultural and historical influences date back to 500 bc when it is believed the first inhabitants came from Ceylon in Sri Lanka.

 Travellers and early settlers from the days of the Silk Route have also brought influences from both East Africa and South Asia.

The majority of Maldivians are Muslims and Islam is the national religion.

 The Maldives offers some of the finest beaches and crystal clear waters you will find and boasts some of the best diving opportunities in the world.

Due to the geographical nature of the Maldives, there is a lack of natural resources which means that almost everything has to be imported. This can mean that certain items are expensive when compared to home.


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