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Twenty kilometers to the northwest of Mahé, the Seychelles' best known island, lies Silhouette Island, the third largest of the archipelago's granitic island.

Silhouette Island is home to the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, a five-star resort, as well as incense trees, 125 year old giant tortoises and an abundance of other rare plants and animals. The island has been a marine national park since 1987. Over 92 percent of the island has been designated a protected area.

The island's white sand beaches rim a mountainous interior. Silhouette's highest peak is Mount Dauban, which soars 740 meters above a virgin rain forest filled with rare hardwoods, exotic orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants. The mountain was named for the Dauban family, which owned Silhouette until the 1960s. In 1982, however, the island reverted to the control of the Seychelles government. Silhouette's only settlement is the village of La Passe, on the island's western coast. The island has well maintained trails, allowing visitors to explore beaches and some of the rainforest.

The exclusive resort North Island lies just to the north of Silhouette. North Island is a popular getaway for celebrities, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who chose this destination for their honeymoon.

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