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Tahiti… Just the word…
The world’s definition of paradise.

Queen of the Pacific - The heart and soul of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the largest in a chain of islands that make up French Polynesia. The name can either refer to the main island or the entire destination. Commonly referred to as The Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia is a collection of 118 islands and atolls scattered across an impressive nautical surface area the size of Western Europe. Still, these tiny islands—many of which remain uninhabited—make up a total landmass of only 1,600 square miles (4,100 sq. km).Crowned by a circle of majestic peaks, Tahiti,the largest island in French Polynesia, towers over the ocean like a proud and royal Queen. The mountainous interior is adorned with mystical valleys, clear streams, and high waterfalls.

The Islands of Tahiti are the center of the romantic universe. A place where every person that has ever experienced the Mana, the spirit, of the islands, will tell you is where you find, la vie heureuse, the happy life. It’s closer than you think and easier to travel to than you might imagine.Tahiti. The word evokes visions of an island paradise, exotic days, romantic nights and South Sea adventure. The Islands of Tahiti exude a power of life that makes every experience in these islands unforgettable. The Tahitians call this power, Mana. And, you will feel it ripple up your spine the moment you step off the plane, and it will fill your soul, you will taste it and smell it in the air. Once you’ve experienced The Islands of Tahiti, it will flow through your veins forever. With 118 islands boasting high, rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, turquoise-blue lagoons, white sand, palm-fringed beaches, and luxuriously intimate resorts, each island paradise has something for everyone.


Family Time on Tahiti

Tahiti offers a world of adventure for families and for children of all ages. Whether here for a day or a week, the urban and island environment provides a unique blend of accommodations and activities for families including:

• Large Resort Swimming Pools - some with waterfalls and sand bottoms.

• White-Sand and Black-Sand Beaches with calm and shallow snorkeling.

• Family-Sized 4x4 Excursion Vehicles for half- and full-day expeditions into the lush interior exploration with a picnic under a waterfall.

• Guided Hiking and Boating Excursions with a naturalist who provides a close up study of the bird, plant, and marine life.

• Tour the Museums and points of interest around the island with exhibits about geology, art, history, and exploration.

• Regular Performances of music, sport, and dance featuring local children.

• Nightly Outings to the waterfront where the roulottes offer a fun way to enjoy food and dessert along with local families and their children.

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