Luxury Holidays to Abu Dhabi with Classic Resorts


Abu Dhabi Holidays with Classic Resorts

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates and the Federal capital of the UAE. It occupies an area of 26,000 square miles and has a population close to 800,000. Now one of the world’s richest cities Abu Dhabi offers wide treelined boulevards, white sandy beaches, desert landscapes and an array of sporting activities. It is a country of startling contrasts, fascinating sights and astonishing achievements. With many shopping centres, malls and bustling souks, Abu Dhabi is a city to entrance all visitors.

Abu Dhabi offers year-round sunshine, excellent beaches, a clean, safe environment and classy hotels and restaurants. Although the official language is Arabic, English is as widely spoken and visitors will have few communication difficulties. Transport is clean, cheap and efficient. 

The country was founded as recently as 1971, and the pace of change has been swift, but not on the sometimes overwhelming scale of Dubai. This is still an Arab city in various stages of development, but one that has been well planned: several major projects on neighbouring islands such as Yas, Al Maryah and Saadiyat are currently taking shape and the skyline is beginning to resemble Manhattan’s. 

Abu Dhabi continues to play host to visitors from all over the world, attracted by a culture and environment as yet untainted by public drunkenness and other anti-social behaviours seen in so many other tourist destinations. 


  • Fabulous shopping -visit the famous Old Souk, an ideal place when it comes to buying precious metals such as gold, electronics goods, clothes and virtually everything!
  • Visit one of the 200 deserted islands just off the shoreline where you can spend the day picnicking and exploring.
  • The perfect place to relax for a few days in luxury en-route to or from your long haul destination and avoid the Jetlag!
  • Visit or stay at Yas Island featuring Ferrari World with rollercoaster rides, Yas Marina and Yacht Club, the Marina Circuit and the Marina Golf Course.

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